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Production Management

- Building of recording budgets

- Hiring of studios, engineers, musicians, vocalists, editors, mixers for production

- Manage all recording expenses

- Insure delivery of all label requirements (masters, alt mixes, production credits)

- Experienced in US live and studio recordings and European orchestral recordings


A&R Administration

- Complete project follow through to insure timely delivery and on budget recordings

- Communication of all details and deadlines to producer

- Track all recording expenses in accordance with approved budget

- Verify delivery of all recording elements per label specs

- Compilation of all recording information (label copy)

- Overseeing of art direction/creation of album packaging

- Proofing of all packaging copy through completion of design

American Federation of Musicians (Musician’s Union)

- Low budget form submission (if applicable)

- Creation of all necessary contracts in compliance with AFM requirements



- Compilation and verification of copyright ownership

- Mechanical license requests

- Synchronization license requests (TV, Film, etc…)

- Master use license requests


Business Affairs

- Coordination of agreements with producers, artists and third party labels

- Sideartist and featured performance clearances

- Work-for-hire documentation


General Label/Independent Aritst Support

- Complete follow through with manufacturing

- Submission for copyright with US Copyright Office

- Proper ISRC encoding

- Uploading of Digital assets for distribution via TuneCore, DistroKid, etc…

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